Daz Watford


Is a professional concept artist with nearly a decade of experience in the video games industry; working on AAA titles and in a rapid turnaround pitch environment. He has worked in game development creating both concept art, and in-game assets and textures; as well as generating “high concept” pitch materials and pre-production illustrations for clients including the BBC, Disney, Dreamworks, Hasbro, Konami, Lucasfilm, Majesco, Nickelodeon, Namco, and Sanrio.

Freelance since May 2013, he has provided art direction and concept art for Mike Bithell’s upcoming game Volume ( ) as well as working with Indie games developers such as Bossa Studios, Nyamyam, Simon Roth and Aloha Games. He has also designed Logos and Merchandise for Nerd-Folk duo The Doubleclicks ( )

Training as a traditional illustrator provided him with solid fundamental art skills; he has since made the switch to digital media, and learned additional graphic design abilities. This makes him a versatile artist able to shift style to fit any brand.

Software known: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Twitter: @ThatsWhatUGets